Kurb Zide Service®

Kurb Zide Service was designed on the basic principal, KEEP IT SIMPLE. The heart of our drive-thru system is powered by Kenwood Radio. A brand that is well known in the commercial communication industry for their high quality and rock solid performance.


  • The Klear Order System inside a rugged weatherproof communication post.
  • Proximity sensor eliminates costly in-ground wire loop systems, or it will work with your in-ground wire loop system with our optional loop module circuit.
  • Powerful UHF 2 watt radio base allows you to place your Kurb Zide Service System in almost any remote area within your property, and still receive crystal clear communications inside your store.
  • Adjustable Speaker front or side mount allows you to achieve maximum volume without feed back for noisy installations.
  • Both Full and Half duplex Communications.
  • Will operate with or without headsets
  • Two-year limited warrant