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Diary basketball game

150 words for basketball in the diary

2022-06-27 20:24Diary basketball game
Summary: Diary, about 200 words for basketball playersThis morning, I asked my brother to play basketball. We came to the basketball court of the community and began to play. I gave brother Liangliang a sugges
Diary, about 200 words for basketball players
This morning, I asked my brother to play basketball. We came to the basketball court of the community and began to play. I gave brother Liangliang a suggestion: choose five points on the court as shooting points. Everyone shoots on the points, changes when he makes a shot, and continues to shoot if he doesn't make a shot. Until all five points are castOne sentence diary playing basketball
At this time, I was a little impatient. The teacher called for dissolution, and I immediately went to get the basketball. At this time, everyone responded quickly and came to me to play basketball with me. At this time, I pushed the ball to the basket with a "jump" sound, and the ball turned around the basket several times, but the ball didn't go in, and fell downWhat are the characteristics of curry when he plays in the world basketball league
To some extent, Curie's playing style has even affected the development trend of the whole basketball game. Curie moves very fast. This should be the primary characteristic of curry. Although many people think that curry's physical quality is not good, for ordinary defendersBasketball diary
Playing basketball this afternoon, after I finished my homework, my friend invited me to play basketball, and I agreed with full joy. Take a look on the court. Good guy, all the children in the hospital are here! In addition to t150 words for basketball in the diaryhose who watched the excitement in the stands, there were more than 30 people on the court, so they had to exchange matches in two separate venuesWrite a basketball diary
Basketball Diary 2 on the evening of August 2, my aunt took me and my brother to Huansha middle school to play basketball. I took out a basketball from the garage and went to Huansha middle school happily. My pitching posture is very special. First, I hold the basketball, squat with my feet, then jump up and throw the ball to the basket. The first time I didn't make it, i"Playing basketball" Diary 400 words
In the morning, I asked some classmates to play basketball. The school where we play. When I got to the school, I said, "roll call, tianxiaoyu, liyanhe, wangzhenyu and sunjie." They all arrived one by one. We divided into groups and let Tian Xiaoyu be the referee. I'm in a group with sunjie, wangzhenyu and liyanhe300 words of basketball diary with classmates in grade two of junior high school
That day... I played basketball with him... Through Kobe Bryant's back leaning, McGrady's dry pulling, Iverson's passing, Jordan's flying, Paul's organization and Curry's shooting, he found his teeth everywhere
How to write a diary about playing basketball in PE class
The first group is throwing the ball, the second group is helping the first group to pick up the ball, the third group is a customs clearance agent, a middleman, who can only be a customs clearance agent. The game started. I aimed at a hard blow, but I didn't expect to hit the man. The second time I was confident. He ran straight, and I hit straight! He won't goBasketball diary 300 words
The weekly basketball class finally began. This basketball class made me make a lot of progress. The main practice this time is shooting. We are divided into two teams and have a shooting game. The rules of the game are very simple. As long as we dribble the ball according to the route within the specified time, shoot again at the appropriate position, and score one pointBasketball diary 100 words
Writing ideas and key points: expression of true feelings. Text: on Sunday morning, the weather was sunny. My father and I came to the fitness equipment in the community; Dad said he would teach me to play basketball. At first I couldn't even shoot the ball. With my father's constant help, I soon learned to shoot the ball. After my serious practice
150 words for basketball in the diary

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