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Diary basketball game

Wei Shao's basketball diary

2022-06-26 03:08Diary basketball game
Summary: Where is Wei Shao's iron man tenderness reflected and what kind of friendship story does the bracelet he wears all the year round look likeYes, Wei Shao is such a true temperament player. I carry t
Where is Wei Shao's iron man tenderness reflected and what kind of friendship story does the bracelet he wears all the year round look like
Yes, Wei Shao is such a true temperament player. I carry the dreams of two people on the field alone. As long as he plays, Wei Shao will wear a bracelet printed with kb3. Kb3 is the name of kelsibars III, the best brother of visha who has died. The path of Wei Shao's basketball in his youth was not plain sailingWhat nab records did Wei Shao break when he completed his 182nd triple doubles
It is believed that many fans are familiar with the ability of Wei Shao this season, because he was traded to the Wizards by the Rockets this season. During the period of the wizards, he also got the proof of his strength. At the end of the regular season, he also achieved very brilliant results, because he completed the 182nd third double of his careerWei Shao is known as one of the greatest point guards in the history of back-to-back three mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Do you agree
Although Wei Shao has been criticized and questioned for a long time, people question his serious decline after injury. As for his low hit rate in shooting and striking iron, they question his self-discipline in playing and his lack of passing. But so far, no media and players dare to question Westbrook's love for basketballWei Shao's body is very strong. Why is his dribble so flexible
He easily broke through the basket to score, which is also able to show his talent. Therefore, with the advantage of physical talent, he is more flexible in dribbling. Wei Shao's basic basketball skills are very solid. As an NBA player, Sal must be very outstanding on the basis of basketball skillsHow many teams have Westbrook played for in his career
In the 2018-19 season, which was also Westbrook's last season in Oklahoma City, Westbrook scored three doubles, and the winning rate of the thunder was 23-11 (67.6%). When Westbrook played without scoring three doubles, the winning rate dropped to 21-18 (53.8%). But Westbrook's play did not activate Oklahoma City's offensive efficiencyHow did Wesley perform and score against the Rockets
The first half of the game between the wizards and the pistons has ended. After Wei Shao's return, the Wizards' state burst. They took a 63-49 lead in the half. It seems that the Rockets may regret sending him away. When there was no Wei Shao in the preseason before, the Wizards had been severely beaten by their opponents. In their first preseason show a week ago, they lost to the nets firsWei Shao's basketball diaryt and then took the ballOfficially crowned as the three double kings of history, what records did Wei Shao create
Wei Shao had 23 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in my routine operation, and the total number of triple doubles reached 184. Since 1974, Oscar Robertson has kept the NBA personal triple double record. In his entire career, he won 181 triple doubles, which was once considered one of the most unbreakable records until Wei ShaoWei Shao was his substitute. What is Darren collison's basketball career like
He has played for the Pacers, clWei Shao's basketball diaryippers, Mavericks, kings and Lakers, and won the best rookie of 09~10My favorite basketball star Wei Shao
Which teams did russellwestbrook play in his career
Wei Shao was the most energetic season in his career when he was at the thunder. Many people also believe that he can win the championship together with Kevin Durant. It's just a pity that they didn't get there in theWei Shao's basketball diary end. He also played with the Houston Rockets and James HaWei Shao's basketball diaryrden
Wei Shao's basketball diary

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