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I fell in love with basketball

2022-06-24 03:53Basketball training diary
Summary: Seeking an experience and feeling of playing basketballI like basketball, I love basketball, because it can make me intoxicated and bring me fun! I often play games with my classmates, which is more i
Seeking an experience and feeling of playing basketball
I like basketball, I love basketball, because it can make me intoxicated and bring me fun! I often play games with my classmates, which is more interesting. I am happy to play with my classmates. Basketball comesI fell in love with basketball and goes freely in our hands because we are very skilled in playing. I am not strong enough nowEnglish composition
My favorite sport everyone in this world has their own favorite sport, so do I. My favorite sport is footballKneeling for an English composition about a basketball game (350-500 words)
I like playing basketball. My extracurricular life is so colorful: reading, surfing the Internet, listening to music, playing basketball... But what I like most is playing basketball. One day during the winter vacation, I went to the school playground with some classmates to play basketball. We are divided into two teams, each with five starters and two substitutes. The game begins, weA basketball match
Today, our class 5 (2) held a wonderful basketball game. The two teams are the star team and the Challenger team. The I fell in love with basketballstar team is led by Zhang Chen, including Luyao, liuxiaohai, and the Challenger team is led by Chen Yuao, including Li Jie, Gu Jun, and other five members. The game began with a whistleI want to write an English composition with 30 words about the basketball game. I want to use the past tense
Thers was a basketball match held on the playground yesterday. There were two teams, red team and blue team。English composition about playing basketball
Recently we had a discuss。English composition for a basketball match 100 words
There is a basketball game in our school this afternoon. It is a game between Class 3 and class 6 of grade 5. They are the best team in our school. After the game started, both teams played very actively. The ball passed quickly from one person to another. What a wonderful game. Finally, class 6 wonWrite an interesting English composition about playing basketball. It requires about 50 words. Help me
As we all know, I like playing basketball. Doing sports is good for our health. As for me, I like playing basketball. You know, playing basketball is good for our heart, lungs and head. I aiways piay basketball in the morning and in the evening。English composition about school basketball match``
The basketball game the game was scheduled to start at start at eight o&\39; clock on Friday night. Long before that, people began to arrive at the gymnasium。Grade 6 English composition 50 words for a basketball I fell in love with basketballgame
Our fifth grade women's basketball game has started! Class 3 vs class 4. Before the game, the five members of each class of class 3 and class 4 rubbed their hands outside the field, all of them were vigorous and full of fighting spirit. Before the game started, the cheering outside the stadium sounded like thunder
I fell in love with basketball

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