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Basketball training diary

Diary about playing basketball in PE class just mention basketball

2022-06-23 12:02Basketball training diary
Summary: Composition about playing basketball 30 wordsWhenever I mention basketball, my eyes shine. Playing basketball is my hobby, because basketball can not only exercise, but also enhance everyone's team
Composition about playing basketball 30 words
Whenever I mention basketball, my eyes shine. Playing basketball is my hobby, because basketball can not only exercise, but also enhance everyone's team spirit. My dream is to be a basketball player. Now, playing basketball has become a part of my life. In physical education class, I will play basketball in my free activitiesHow to write a diary about playing basketball and badminton in PE class
There are two reasons why I like PE most. The first reason is that physical education teachers are tall and handsome. Who doesn't like such teachers? The second reason is that the free time of physical education class is very interesting. At this time, some students play basketball, some play badminton, some jump rope, and some kick shuttlecock. It's reallyMore than 200 words of basketball diary
It can be said that my favorite now is basketball. I can play in the scorching sun, or in the evening. I can play without eating or going home. This was already the case in high school. Later, I applied for the sports major and joined the sports team, which was even more out of controlA 540 word diary about playing basketball
”I shook my head. "Girls can't count on it." He said, "aren't you also a woman?" "Have you seen the second girl like me playing basketball with boys?" He shook his head and added, "yes." I think that subtle feeling may come from this! Physical education in junior middle schoolWhich Jinan has to sell the basketball used in the high school entrance examination
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Basketball diary 100 words
Writing ideas and key points: expression of true feelings. Text: on Sunday morning, the weather was sunny. My father and I came to the fitness equipment in the community; Dad said he would teach me to play basketball. At first I couldn't even shoot the ball. With my father's constant help, I soon learned to shoot the ball. After my serious practiceBasketball diary 300 words
The weekly basketball class finally began. This basketball class made me make a lot of progress. The main practice this time is shooting. We are divided into two teams and have a shooting game. The rules of the game are very simple. As long as we dribble the ball according to the route within the specified time, shoot again at the appropriate position, and score one pointHelp me write a 300 word diary, basketball player, junior high school student
One day, a classmate in the class brought basketball. In the physical education class that day, I came into contact with basketball for the first time. It gives me the feeling of a word?? "Heavy". If I want to make the basketball touch the backboard once, I have to use all my strength to throw it up, so that I can barely touch the backboardZhou Ji wrote a basketball game in physical education class in 600 words
On Friday, the school's athletes organized a wonderful basketball game. The blue team was led by the sports Commissioner, while the red team was selected from each class to play basketball. As soon as the two teams appeared on the playground, many spectators were excited. The scene was very grand. When the long whistle sounded, the game beganHow to write a diary about playing basketball in PE class
Playing games in physical education today is the most fun in physical education. It is mainly playing games: throwing people with balls. After we lined up, we began to play the little game of throwing people in volleyball. The teacher divided us into three groups, 14 people in each group, and the rest were exchange people. The first group threw the ball, and the second group helped the first group pick up the ballWrite a basketball diary
Basketball Diary 2 on the eDiary about playing basketball in PE class  just mention basketballvening of August 2, my aunt took me and my brother to Huansha middle school to play basketball. I took out a basketball from the garage and went to Huansha middle school happily. My pitching posture is very special. First, I hold the basketball, squat with my feet, then jump up and throw the ball to the basket. The first time I didn't make it, i
Diary about playing basketball in PE class just mention basketball

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